Bookish Galene


Fae By Nature presents Storywings, a series of storytime performance programs for libraries and other venues. Its purpose is to entertain families, to educate about nature, and to encourage reading. At each 30 minute program, Faerie Mermaid Galene and Salty Stuart the Pirate read a book, perform original music by Neptune's Keep, and provide a Show & Tell nature talk about a theme animal or habitat. Galene's costume (mermaid or faerie), props, music selections, and the book all reflect that theme. Some programs include video, and some feature live Saturniid moths hand reared by Faerie Galene.

Storywings is intended for audiences aged 3-5 and older. At the end of each program, we lead an interactive activity. Kids can make a craft with us or join in The Mermaid Pirate Band to make music with simple instruments we provide.

Galene's book

Storywings launched in February 2015 at the Hudson, WI Public Library with a series of six programs built around books in the library's collection. In 2016, Mermaid Galene's first book, The Hapless Habits of Mona Louise, was published. Mona Louise is the current focus of our Storywings programs. Galene is now writing her second book, Songs of Night Wings, about native giant silkmoths. We anticipate a summer 2018 publication date. Once published, a Storywings program built around Songs of Night Wings will become available in addition to the seahorse program.

We offer Storywings programs to all libraries in west central Wisconsin/eastern Twin Cities metro, as well as other select venues, for a modest fee. Each program includes a book signing by Galene for those who choose to purchase the book.