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Diane Rains and Stu Janis compose and perform creative works designed to connect children and adults to the animals and habitats of our precious Earth. With advanced science degrees as well as 30 years' experience in music, theatre, and other arts, we seamlessly meld arts and science into compelling, original music and story performances, books, choral works, fine art, and fantasy characters.



WingSong is a series of musical nature programs by performing naturalists Diane Rains (aka Faerie Galene Meadowmoth/Mermaid Galene) and Stu Janis (aka Stuart Willownote/Salty Stuart the Pirate). Each program explores the natural history, behavior, and ecology of an animal or group of animals. WingSong programs both entertain and teach with original songs, slides, and film. Our moth and butterfly programs feature live animals.


Neptune's Keep

Neptune's Keep is the married musical duo of Diane Rains and Stu Janis. Our concerts and storytime shows flow with sea chanteys, ballads, and original songs about creatures of water, air, earth, fire, and the fae realms. Lilting vocal harmonies weave with expertly rendered accompaniment on hammered dulcimer, piano, harmonium, concertina, handpan, and other magical instruments. Once upon a time, in an astonishing collaboration, we made ethereal music with fish composer-performers! We really did.


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Choral Works

Composer Diane Rains writes and performs fae and nature-themed music for high school, adult, and children's choirs. Her soaring, magical compositions are hatched from her own experience as a wildlife biologist and fantasist. Diane and Stu can also appear in full faerie-mermaid and elf-pirate regalia as guest accompanists/soloists at performances of Diane's choral works, bringing a sparkle of enchantment to any concert!


The Hapless Habits of Mona Louise

Galene Press

Galene Press creates original, imaginative literature that inspires our precious children to care for our precious Earth. Once a child falls in love with a book character — quirky seahorse or mermaid, faerie or moth — it is quite natural to love sea and forest and real animals that live there. We hope, with every Galene Press book kids read, they fall in love over and over again!


Galene Art

Luminist painter Diane Rains (aka Galene) paints with oils, watercolor, and other media in the Imaginative Realism and Wildlife Art genres. Her homages to natural and fantastical creatures and habitats often employ techniques perfected by Hudson River School painters of the mid 19th century. High quality giclée prints are available in our Fae By Nature Etsy shop.


Fae By Nature On Etsy

Release your inner Fae with magical creative works from Fae By Nature on Etsy! Giclée prints, Sacred Bird jewelry, sigil art, resin art, Neptune's Keep CDs and MP3s, divination supplies, original children's books and more!



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